See a Need – Meet a Need (S.A.N.M.A.N)

A famous story is told by Jesus in a conversation about how we love God and love our neighbors (Luke 10). When asked, “who is my neighbor?” Jesus answered with a story about a gentleman who is robbed and left for dead. A couple of religious personalities came upon the beaten man, saw the need, but walked around leaving the man as he was. Eventually a Samaritan man (a shocker of a twist for that original crowd) happened on the scene of the robbery and assessed the situation. The Samaritan bandaged the wounded man, lifted him onto his own donkey, carried him into town, and even paid all his medical bills. 
Jesus ended the story and conversation by instructing us to “go and do likewise”
The Samaritan man saw a need, and then meet the need. Simple.
But here’s a question: Does your attempt to “go and do likewise” in partnership with your church community, ever feel that simple? My assumption is your answer will be a “no”. Churches typically want bigger and better, but not always simple. But what if it could be? 
Introducing S.A.N.  M.A.N.s.   When you see a need. Meet that need. Simple. Here are some ideas:
  • Bake cookies for the elderly
  • Serve at a homeless shelter
  • Do a 5K for a good cause
  • Make dinner for a family in need
  • Leave letters of encouragement on people’s car
  • Buy a movie ticket for the person behind you
  • Thank a teacher with a gift 
  • Tip above and beyond 
  • Throw a party to celebrate someone for being just who they are, awesome!
  • Shovel a neighbor’s driveway when it snows
  • Walk a neighbor’s dog
  • Babysit for free
  • Read to kids at the library for story time
  • Start mentoring a younger child
  • Perform a concert at a retirement home
As a church we believe that our combined efforts of simple acts of love and kindness will add up and demonstrate the power of the God’s community. 
Share your S.A.N./M.A.N. story by completing the form on this page. After sharing place a ’nut & bolt’ (found in the lobby of the church) into our art displa